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Zbigniew Bródka


SportShort Track
Born08 Oct 1984 in Glowno 
LanguagesEnglish, Polish, Russian
FamilyWife Agnieszka, daughters Gabrysia and Amelia
Higher educationPhysical Education, Physiotherapy - Opole University of Technology: Poland
Sport Specific Information
Sport Specific Information
Reason for choosing this sportHis talent was spotted by his physical education teacher Mieczyslaw Szymajda, who was a skating coach. He also liked the speed of the sport.  
When and where did you begin this sport?He took up the sport in 1994 in Domaniewice, Poland.  
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General Interest
General Interest
Other sportsHe has represented Poland in short track, competing at the world championships in 2006 and 2007. (Athlete, 21 Nov 2018; SportsDeskOnline, 24 Jan 2014)  
InjuriesHe tore his quadriceps muscle in 2017. (Athlete, 21 Nov 2018)

In December 2014 he injured the adductor longus muscle in his thigh and was unable to compete at the 2015 European Championships in Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation. (, 31 Dec 2014;, 31 Dec 2014)

He suffered a sprained ankle in 2004. (Athlete, 21 Nov 2018)

A meniscus injury in his knee ended his hopes of qualifying for the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. (Athlete, 21 Nov 2018;, 16 Feb 2014)
Memorable sporting achievementWinning gold in the 1500m and bronze in team pursuit at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. (Athlete, 21 Nov 2018)  
Awards and honoursHe was flag bearer for Poland at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (, 09 Feb 2018)

In 2014 he was presented with the Great Honourable Sport Award by the Polish Olympic Committee. (, 12 Jan 2015)

In 2014 he received the Knight's Cross of Order of Polonia Restituta. (, 03 Apr 2014)
NicknamesZbyszek (, 23 Feb 2014)  
He retired from competitive speed skating in 2019 before returning with an aim to compete at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. "It's Beijing. I skated my first world junior championships in short track in Beijing back in 2003, so with the Olympic Games in Beijing [in 2022] I have to come back one more time." (, 13 Nov 2021; 10 Nov 2021)

He made his World Cup debut in short track in 2003 in Dresden, Germany. He switched to speed skating in 2008 after a knee injury and problems with his meniscus meant he was not able to train at a sufficiently high level in short track. (Athlete, 21 Nov 2018;, 15 Jul 2017;, 15 Feb 2014)
Sporting philosophy / motto"As long as you fight, you are the winner." (Athlete, 21 Nov 2018)  
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General Interest
General Interest
Most influential person in careerHis family. (Athlete, 21 Nov 2018)  
Hero / IdolUS speed skater Shani Davis. (Athlete, 21 Nov 2018)  
MilestonesHe became the first Polish speed skater to win gold at the Olympic Winter Games when he triumphed in the 1500m at the 2014 Games in Sochi. (SportsDeskOnline, 25 Jul 2017;, 15 Feb 2014)  
Championships results
Year Competition Event Rank  
Championships results
    2004/2005 European Championships 5000m Relay9  
    2006/2007 European Championships 5000m Relay10  
    2003/2004 World Junior Championships 2000m Relay11  
    2004/2005 European Championships Overall12  
    2006/2007 World Championships 500m25  
    2006/2007 World Championships Overall27  
    2003/2004 World Junior Championships Overall27  
    2006/2007 World Championships 1000m28  
    2005/2006 World Championships 1500m32  
    2005/2006 World Championships 500m33  
    2006/2007 World Championships 1500m33  
    2005/2006 World Championships Overall38  
    2005/2006 World Championships 1000m49  
World Cups
Year Competition Event Rank  
World Cups
    2006/2007 World Cup Classification 1500m22  
    2003/2004 World Cup Classification Overall71  
    2004/2005 World Cup Classification 1500m72  
    2006/2007 World Cup Classification 1000m72  
    2003/2004 World Cup Classification 500m77  
    2004/2005 World Cup Classification Overall81  
    2006/2007 World Cup Classification 500m83